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The Winning Strategy for Your Financial Institution’s Sales Calling Success

Published: Wednesday, October 4, 2017


The results are in!  For financial institutions to be a competitive force in their marketplace, they MUST implement and delivery a successful sales call process.


As competition grows from both traditional and non-traditional sources, financial institutions can no longer set idly by and rely only upon the traffic that walks in the door. Because of this, many are adopting the process of implementing a “sales call” system into their business development model. While this is a viable solution to addressing this issue, simply putting something in place with no clear strategy or structure can result in more harm than good.


The following discussion will provide a winning strategy on how to develop and implement an effective process by providing the key elements to consistently achieving a successful sales call.


  • Know before you go.  What does your potential customer look like? Who are you marketing to? Small businesses, specialty groups, general deposits, etc.? To maximize your prospecting time, it is critical you know who, what and where to find what you are looking for.


  • What is the best method to gain an audience? There are many ways to reach prospective customers. Phone calls, introductory drop-in, emails, lunch and or coffee meetings are effective ways to get in front of potential customers.  The key is for you to keep score of what works best for you…and maximize it!



  • What is your compelling reason for more?  This is critical.  You must create a personalized story about you and your organization that would create a desire for your prospective customer to want to learn more about banking with you.  The standard cookie-cutter approach no longer works.  There is simply too much competition for your presentation to be viewed as another status-quo, generic sales call.  You must separate yourself!


  • Be a GREAT listener: The key separating factor is to listen intently to what your potential customer is looking for in a banking relationship. Many successful sales calls are lost here because too much time is spent in presenting what you can do for the prospect rather than listening to what the prospect is looking for.


  • Deliver on your promise: Once you have put your best foot forward and the prospect is compelled to learn more about you, make certain their experience when the walk in your door is exactly as promised. There is nothing that solidifies a decision like an experience that meets or exceed expectations. Similarly, there is nothing that kills one quicker than a big disappointment!


  • Ask for referrals: Once you have gained a new customer, do not forget to ask for the opportunity to do it all again.  You have earned the right to ask for additional favorable introductions to others so they too can experience the process of banking with you!

By implementing this strategy and mastering these concepts, you will be on your way to creating a sales culture that will generate successful sales calls time after time.


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About the Author

 Tim is the founder and CEO of the Pinnacle Training Group which specializes in sales, business development, leadership, strategic planning and staff performance training. Tim has 33 years of business development experience and has created businesses in the fields of financial services, organizational software and training and consulting.


 Tim’s awards include “Rookie of the Year” in 1985 for sales and service with The Southwest Division of The Prudential Insurance Company; The youngest president of The General Agents and Managers Association of West Texas, Who’s Who Among American Small Business Owners (2004-2008) and a 10 time member of the top performing sales associates for three different companies. Since 2005, Tim has trained over ten thousand individuals through in-person, video and webcast programs across the country.


 Tim is the author of three books and four online video series.  His most recent publications include the book “Unleash Your Entrepreneur Factor” and the online video series to accompany it entitled “Wake Up and Dream, Living Your Personal Entrepreneurial and Sales Success Story”



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