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Is Training the Solution?

Published: Sunday, July 28, 2019

Training is only the solution if knowledge and skills are the problem (ATD, 2018).  However, knowledge and skills aren't always the problem, although the talent development function can sometimes be viewed as a savior to resolve a multitude of out of scope issues.  That said, it is important to consider that performance issues also stem from structure/processes, resources, information, motives, and wellness/capacity (ATD, 2018).  So, don't utilize training for something for which training is not the appropriate solution.  Instead, think like a performance consultant to get to the root cause.


Biech, E.  (2018).  ATD's foundations of  talent development:   Launching, leveraging, and leading your organization's TD efforts. Alexandria, VA: ATD Press.



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About the Author

Dr. Treca Stark is strategic and entrepreneurial with a distinct ability to conceptualize and execute. She is an authentic leader who is savvy at articulating vision, championing new initiatives, and directing programs for global, regional, and local organizations. Additionally, she is skilled at strategic planning and transforming plans into pragmatic objectives.

She has served as an essential partner in the creation of products and services that have met defined requirements and needs at public and private organizations. Treca is also masterful at training, motivating, and coaching people to high levels of performance and encouraging collaboration among diverse people to form powerful high-performance teams.

Dr. Stark attained a doctorate from Morgan State University, a master’s degree from University of New Orleans, and a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University New Orleans. Among other certifications, she is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance through the Association for Talent Development.

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Amen! I've heard "Training will fix it!" way too many times. Training WON'T fix everything - having up-to-date processes, verifying work, and holding people accountable will (did) remedy 80% of performance problems...but it's so much easier to point at the Training Department as a group of saviors and expect them to "fix" things that are WAY outside of their bailiwick. I think groups arrive at the wrong root cause, which is what prompts them to think training will solve their problems.
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