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Discussion: What Are Your Best Practices for Translating Training into Culture?

Published: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

We are in the process of redesigning our strategy for embedding leadership training into the day-to-day practices of leaders. We have found that leaders are coming to our training sessions, having great conversations and breakthroughs, and then returning to the status quo once they return to their offices.

A few approaches we are exploring to improve in this area include:

  • Assessment surveys (pre-class and 90 to 180-days post-class) tied to learning outcomes
  • Simplified tools and templates that can be easily utilized post-class
  • Clearly connecting the purpose of training to the business strategy and KPIs
  • Introducing a framework for holding leaders accountable for implementing the learning objectives
  • Executive leadership to champion learning initiatives

I would love to hear from others! What am I missing or not thinking about? What are your best practices for taking the lessons you teach in the classroom and embedding them into the day-to-day practices of leaders? 
Looking forward to hearing your insights!

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will - we have a learning method called Learn/Share/Apply or LSA. Leaders complete a 5x7 LSA card after each course, capturing what they learned, what they will share and how they will apply the learning to their new role. The expectation is that these leaders will communcate this learning with the leaders during their monthly 1:1's. It's paper based but we have about a 70% compliance (wrong word to use) rate.
Justin - I appreciate your input. A simple method that's easy to implement, I like it! I really like the clear expectation that each leader's LSA is communicated to leaders during their 1:1s. Thank you for sharing!
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