10 Practices to Create a Workplace That May Lengthen Your Life

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Vivek Murthy, America’s former surgeon general, recently called on organizations to make social connections a strategic priority, because America’s loneliness epidemic is undermining health, happiness, and productivity. Leaders who develop and maintain a workplace culture infused with connection so that people feel included and supported see a marked difference in performance. Employees who feel connected to people at work are not only healthier and happier, but also more productive, more engaged, and less likely to leave their employer. This is especially important today, because connection is essential to attract, engage, and retain Millennials. In this webcast, you will learn: - the types of relational cultures in organizations - which workplace culture is life-giving, and which cultures drain the life out of people - seven universal human needs that must be fulfilled to thrive at work - which culture is the key to attract, engage, and retain Millennial employees - 10 practices to create a workplace that may lengthen your life.

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