3 Learning Science Lessons for an Impactful Learning Program

Learning doesn’t end when we finish school or an e-course. It is widely accepted that learning must be ongoing to keep our skills up-to-date in the modern economy. With the half-life of skills at five years, everyone needs to constantly upskill to keep up with the pace of technology; they need continuous learning. To support lifelong learning initiatives, there are several sciences you can incorporate into your programs to help ensure success. And while many organizations are aware of the learning sciences needed to propel their programs forward, they are unsure how to turn these great ideas into products that make professional learning better and into profitable products. Join BenchPrep’s Senior Director of Customer Operations Emily Leary for this webcast where she will share three learning science lessons you can use to make lifelong learning part of your business strategy and help learners improve their professional skills. During this webcast, you will learn how: -continuous learning combats the forgetting curve and why that’s important for learner success -focusing on different learning sciences can benefit your learning strategy -to combine learning science with current market opportunities to make your learning business more profitable.

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