5 Steps to Better Webcasts, Podcasts, and Video Conferences

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Many jobs now involve online communication. People who used to interact only face-to-face are now tasked with using digital tools to share information: managers communicating with staff members in diverse locations, trainers sharing instruction with off-site trainees, business leaders informing shareholders about quarterly results, salespeople explaining product features to prospective clients, and many others. While digital platforms make it easy to broadcast a message, it is not easy to create and deliver digital messages that engage viewers and have impact. Taking the PowerPoint presentation that is used in the conference room and assuming that it will transfer to the online world is a mistake. Being able to effectively communicate in the digital world requires some specialized skills—skills that most have never been taught. This webcast will share ideas for avoiding common mistakes, and offer tips for making digital communications better. By the end of this webcast, you will: Learn a framework to create more powerful messages in any situation. Understand how digital tools change the nature of communication. Get specific suggestions for tailoring talks for the online world. Get specific suggestions that enable you to be a more impressive speaker online.

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