Activate Talent and Unleash Potential

Talent activation, as a practice, centers on an employer deliberately designing experiences throughout the employee life cycle to unleash their preexisting strengths, energize performance, and drive growth. An activated workforce is highly engaged, productive, and loyal—qualities that can contribute to enhanced collaboration and encourage development as a competitive advantage. Put simply, it means taking the talented people you already have on staff and purposefully turning their potential into performance. It’s a calculated strategy with observable results. Join Alexandra Levit, co-leader of the Career Advisory Board, who led the research and studied the results that will be discussed in this webcast. She will share her findings on how the right talent initiatives can activate your talent, trigger improved performance, and energize your business growth trajectory. You will learn how to: - Design and execute meaningful experiences at each phase of the employment cycle—from recruitment to performance. - Recognize the most common skills gaps, including digital fluency and interpersonal communication, and master strategies for closing these. - Devise strategies for better promoting learning in your workforce, including corporate training initiatives and mentorship programs. Some of the greatest areas of opportunity for your business may be found in the potential of your workforce. Learn how to unleash it.

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