Aligning Business and Talent Development: ATD Research Highlights

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

For years research has shown that many talent development functions fail to align with their organizations’ needs. Consider the 2015 report Aligning Learning to Business published by learning organization Towards Maturity, for example. The report found that 39 percent of talent development professionals were not confident that their learning initiatives supported the skills that their organizations needed. Aligning for Success: Connecting Learning to Business Performance, published in 2015 by ATD Research, found that less than half of talent development professionals considered their organizations’ learning and business goals to be aligned to a high or very high extent. Unfortunately, talent development’s challenges with alignment persist. According to Strategic Alignment: Orchestrating Organizational Success, a new report from ATD Research, only 42 percent of organizations have talent development strategies that are aligned with their business strategies to a high or very high extent. This webcast will share findings from Strategic Alignment to offer best practices for ensuring an organization’s talent development strategy reflects its business and HR priorities. You will learn about practices associated with being a highly aligned organization. Topics of discussion will include the relationship between alignment and organizational values, performance reporting for talent development, business leader support for talent development, and talent development’s influence on business strategy.

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