ATD Chapter Membership: Grow Your Leadership Skills and Boost Your Career

Friday, November 15, 2019

Your ATD membership is a powerful tool when it comes to your professional development, but do you know how to leverage an ATD chapter membership? For thousands of talent development professionals around the United States, volunteering for a local chapter has opened doors to personal and professional growth. Join members of ATD’s National Advisors for Chapters and local chapter leaders to learn about the ATD chapter experience and how your involvement in your local chapter can connect you to networks and knowledge that can elevate your professionalism. We’ll share the stories behind why we joined a local chapter, the benefits and value of serving as a volunteer leader, and the impact that chapters have made on our success. If you have wondered whether local chapter involvement is a good investment, this introduction to ATD chapters will provide you with plenty of tips and ideas for getting involved and making the most of your chapter membership.

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