ATD Research Culture and Organizational Change

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This webcast will explore culture, change, and the tactics that top performers use to protect and shape their culture during times of transition. Highlights and data from the ATD and i4cp research report Culture and Change: Protecting and Shaping Culture During Transitions will be discussed. In a business landscape marked by major transformations reflecting organizational performance, companies call on their talent development functions to play active roles. Seven in 10 surveyed leaders experienced at least one major organizational change in the past two years. Changes include expansion into new locations, mergers, downsizing, restructuring, or large shifts in business models. In times of major change, the talent development function is a key player in protecting culture, shaping culture changes, and ensuring that culture and learning and development are tightly aligned. Most organizations directly involve the talent development function in shaping culture. Sixty percent of companies overall—and about 75 percent of high-performance organizations—include talent development at the strategic level in defining culture and planning for culture change. Learn the tactics that high performers use to address culture during major shifts.

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