Beyond Logic: Designing for the Flaws in our Cognitive Architecture

Thursday, May 13, 2021

While evidence suggests we’re not logical reasoners, much of our learning design is still predicated on that assumption. Despite our powerful cognitive architecture (that allows you to read this, for instance), we’re prone to errors in our thinking. Understanding these cognitive flaws is critical in our learning design approaches to achieve learning that will stick. Join us as we unpack the mental flaws that can lead us astray and explore how we think, based in the latest cognitive science results. Clark Quinn, author of recently published Learning Science for Instructional Designers will provide a set of practical steps to improve your learning design with the least amount of change and make your learning evidence-informed and effective. In this webinar, you’ll learn: • Why our thinking, as powerful as it is, isn’t logical • What errors our architecture leads us to make • What works for creating sustainable learning • What are the most important changes to make

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