Create a Competency Model and Perform a Competency Assessment to Identify Skill Gaps

Thursday, August 6, 2020

You can’t upskill or reskill without knowing the requirements for a role. Those requirements are defined in a competency or capability model. When people do a competency assessment, it identifies individual skill gaps that help them know how to upskill and reskill for their current or future job so they can succeed. In aggregate, skill gaps and proficiency data help executives pursue the best and most achievable strategy. The need to upskill and reskill has increased significantly due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But the pandemic has accelerated the pace of change. You can’t take six to 12 months to build competency models or they could be outdated on release. You need an agile methodology you can use to support strategic pivots. Once built, you need to create an environment where models will be embraced and made actionable. In this session, you’ll learn how to: • Rapidly create a competency model (along with templates and instructions) • Perform a competency assessment

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