DEMO: Capturing Knowledge Has Never Been Easier

In this webcast, you’ll learn about why iorad is such a powerful tool that quickly captures and shares digital processes throughout an organization. The discussion will cover how iorad came to be and what problem it solves, what makes iorad what it is, and who can use it. Then you’ll watch the app in action.You will learn that: • iorad is a tutorial creation tool that takes everything you do inside the capture frame and magically breaks it down into step-by-step instructions. It knows and highlights where the actions took place and creates direction based on what you did. iorad automatically creates multiple mode outputs. • iorad is for everyone. OK, so almost everyone—anyone who needs to teach someone a digital process. Whether that be training customers, employees, or teachers.iorad gives you back time in your day to do more important things because what would have taken you hours to document now takes minutes.

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