DEMO: Developing your People with Culture Amp Performance

The world of work constantly changes, and now more than ever organizations need to shift their approach around performance management. Given today’s current climate, organizations need to re-evaluate aspects of their performance management system to best equip managers to help their employees reach their full potential. Culture Amp can measure and drive the development and growth of individuals within today’s organizations. At Culture Amp, we believe that a performance tool should be easy for HR leaders and managers alike to use and should be adaptive to today’s flow of work. Culture Amp includes development and evaluative performance capabilities, from goal-setting and tracking, performance reviews, self-reflections, and one-on-ones to continuous developmental feedback and coaching. During this democast, you will: - Discover the importance of ongoing, continuous feedback and its impact in individual development. - Learn how to equip managers with the right tools in performance management. - See how Culture Amp can provide HR leaders and managers a holistic view of employee performance.

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