DEMO: Meet Degreed: The Upskilling Platform

If you were to ask many executives if their teams had the skills to take on tomorrow, most would answer “no.” They don’t have the transparency they need into their inventory of current skills and proficiency or the gaps that exist to effectively compete. The inability to scale or shift quickly has significant effects—not just to jobs and careers but also to employer brands, revenues, and profits. Degreed helps more than one third of the Fortune 50 build, align, develop, and connect skills to opportunities that they need to effectively adapt. Join us for a deep dive into how you can build a living, dynamic, real-time picture of people’s skill sets that can help your organization better mobilize for what’s next. During this event, attendees will learn: - the best way to get dynamic learning and skill data about employees, teams, and the workforce - the role technology can play in an organization's ability to be agile and scale quickly - how organizations can provide visibility on future opportunities for their workers.

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