Designing Sustainable Behavior Change: 7 Key Recipes From 500+ Companies and 100,000 Employees (SU107)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More than 80 percent of learning and development (L&D) initiatives that try to create new employee routines fail after just 30 days, costing more than $1 trillion in lost productivity, or $7,000 per employee, every year. This cost is growing more than 15 percent per year, outpacing the profit of many companies. Left unaddressed, few will survive this silent killer. According to McKinsey & Co. the biggest bang for the buck in behavior change is in facilitating habit formation. Although only $0.40 of every dollar spent on behavioral solutions is habit-focused, it drives 70 percent of total behavior change impact! This session features brand-new, clinically tested methods for training the neuroplasticity of creating new L&D and productivity habits, based on research from more than 100 scientists, 500 companies, and 100,000 employees

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