Driving Agility

Friday, January 25, 2019

There are many times in our day-to-day work that we are confronted with a challenge, but we miss the opportunity. We are either blinded by the challenge or label it as an obstacle and select a reaction from our usual archive of responses. This space between the stimulus and the reaction is the moment of opportunity. It is a moment that requires a new mindset. We can be reactive or creative. How we respond is determined by our perspective. Do we see this new world as one with opportunities, or endless obstacles? If we encounter change and are reactive, there will be a very high price to pay. If an individual can become aware of the moments of opportunity in their work, they can drive agility, be adaptive, remain relevant, and stay ahead of dynamic change. This session will lift you up and motivate you to reexamine your tired assumptions, methods, and beliefs, and provide a simple formula with tools to address the challenges of your everyday work environment. On the other side of the challenges lies opportunity! Driving agility will enable us to seize them. In this webcast, you will: - Learn how to overcome knee-jerk reactions and legacy thinking. - Learn the power of challenging the status quo by asking a question. - Learn about the drivers of innovation. - Explore the inside influences at your work. - Learn about the three Rs to find new solutions to old programs. - Learn how to pull it all together and use a thinking process for driving agility and innovation in your work.

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