EI is the Essential Skill of the Future Workplace

Emotional intelligence (EI) has already been acknowledged as a significant differentiator in achieving excellence in individual engagement, product innovation, and customer experiences. Its importance as a skill will only increase over the next decade. Attend this webcast featuring IHHP’s organizational psychologist, Cranla Warren, to engage in learning related to the research linking the need for individuals and organizations to develop emotional intelligence as the key skill required to thrive in the face of automation and rapid change in the world of work. Special guest Tricia Maslov, managing director of executive education at KPMG, will share her experience of the importance of emotional intelligence in industries that have traditionally focused on the importance of technical skills. Attendees will learn: -why the need for EI as a foundational skill will grow beyond being a desired leadership competency to become a foundational skill for everyone in the organization -the challenges individuals and organizations that have relied strongly on technical and IQ based skills (such as computer science, accounting, and IT) will face -how to effectively integrate the skill of EI at all levels and all functions to gain a competitive advantage as your organization approaches the next decade.

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