Conference Recording

Exploring the Millennial Myth: Designing a Workplace for Digitally Enabled Talent (TU120)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What do Millennials have to do with the modern workplace? There's been a lot said about Millennials, but our resources only focus on generational diversity and inclusion. What we really need to do is understand what Millennials tell us about increasing engagement and productivity in today's digitally enabled, global environment! Let's overturn the Millennial Myth. In this session, the speaker, a Millennial herself and expert on Millennials and the modern workplace, will help you explore the five most commonly talked about Millennial global behaviors as you play the Game of Millennial Life. You will get a chance to walk in a Millennial's shoes, reframe stereotypes into strengths, and co-create strategies for talent management that resonate more strongly with digitally enabled talent. If you are responsible for shaping strategy and cascading modern culture, this session is for you!

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