Forecasting Success Learning Trends for 2017 and Beyond

2016 was a year when learning professionals took advantage of new developments and continued to push the boundaries of learning. The stage is set in 2017 for transformative moves as last year’s developments continue to mature and converge, and trends such as adaptive learning, content curation, and virtual reality increase their presence in the industry.Join this webcast for an exciting look ahead to the broad implications of the intersecting technologies, learning opportunities, and emerging trends 2017 will bring. Don Duquette, executive vice president of learning solutions for GP Strategies Corporation, will deliver easy-to-understand insights on the questions 2017’s learning professionals will be asking, such as: - Will virtual reality become available and affordable for learning in my organization? - What new developments are ahead in adaptive learning? - What is machine learning and how can I best leverage it? - Can content curation replace paid off-the-shelf content? - What is spaced learning and how can it help students retain what they learn?

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