From Theory to Results - Unlock your organizations Full Potential With Emotional Intelligence

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Let’s face it, we’ve seen it before when it comes to implementing emotional intelligence (EI): a promise to improve team dynamics, engagement, productivity, and organizational culture. Yet, the outcome falls flat. Many programs fail because they focus on theory and don’t train people on the nuts and bolts of how to make EI happen. During this webinar, you will learn about the current state of EI training along with a practical approach to implementing emotional intelligence learning at both a team and organizational level. The importance of EI in driving good decision making, employee engagement, and overall productivity as well as the latest research on emotions in the workplace and how EI has an impact far beyond “being happy” will also be discussed. In addition, you will learn best practices from various organizations that the presenters worked with, including Biosense Webster (part of Johnson & Johnson), Kohler, and Google, and explore topics such as attaining program buy-in, design, implementation, and measurable outcomes.You will walk away with: A foundational understanding of the importance to recognize, understand, and regulate emotions and how they impact decision making and productivity Several tools and strategies to recognize emotional cues and how to go about addressing them Insights into implementing emotional intelligence practices at a team or organizational level

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