Highlights From ATD’s Safety Training Research

More than $161 billion—that’s how much preventable work injuries cost the U.S. economy in 2017, according to an estimate from the National Safety Council. Organizations clearly have room for improvement when it comes to employee safety. Many companies turn to safety training, which includes training that is required by law and instruction that organizations offer without legally being required to do so. According to the ATD Research report Safety Training: Protecting Employees and Organizations, 90 percent of organizations offer safety training, and among these, 88 percent say reduction of safety incidents is one of the top benefits. This webcast will share findings from Safety Training to offer best practices in safety education. You will learn about practices associated with better safety performance. Topics of discussion will include content for safety training, the tools organizations use to deliver safety training, and practices organizations use to support safety training. The webcast will also highlight common barriers to effective safety training, with advice about overcoming these barriers.

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