How to Attract and Retain Frontline Employees in Healthcare

Monday, August 14, 2017

Have you ever thought about what the best healthcare organizations are doing to attract and hold onto their frontline employees? Here is an opportunity to hear insights from a panel of leaders who are recognized nationally by CareerSTAT, a network of healthcare leaders, for their efforts in supporting the skill and career development of staff. The CareerSTAT Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion program recognizes organizations that make significant investments in their frontline workers. These panelists represent organizations that are generating business impact, such as better employee engagement and patient care, through frontline investment. After attending this webcast, participants will be able to: - Identify strategies that make a healthcare company the best place to work for frontline employees. - Introduce employees to new, better roles. - Identify leadership’s role in influencing workplace culture. - Create an ownership and leader mentality in all levels of the organization.

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