How to Convert Existing Content into Competency-Based Experiential Learning

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Today, when classroom and even live content is mostly on hold, we still need to help people upskill and reskill. Not only has the current situation increased the pace of change, it makes it more challenging to close skill gaps as quickly as we need to. How can you leverage this situation to demonstrate your value? Use it as an opportunity to innovate. While in the past, your stakeholders may have been reluctant to try new, more effective means of learning, now is the time to open their minds to new possibilities. Consider changing the way learners access learning content. Consider changing the way they consume the content and apply what they learn on the job. This new mindset can create a learning culture, positioning your organization to remain relevant in the years to come. It can make every bit of content you have more valuable. At the end of this hands-on session you’ll: - Be able to use a methodology to convert content including classroom, e-learning, microlearning, video, articles, and webcasts into competency-based experiential learning. - Have many examples of competency-based experiential learning you can use right away in your organization. - Have the ability to start changing learning mindsets, regardless of the size of your talent and learning team..

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Also, how does one have an effective application and followup? I know from experience that once employees are back on the job, with different pressures, application and followup is a mighty challenge. How can one make this effective, apart from involving manager education and support?
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This has been a fantastic learning for me. Very simple and practical. I referred to the webinar recording due to time zone differences. I am super excited to apply this in simple ways, especially for learning through webinars.
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