If Your Career Were a Houseplant, It Might Be Dead by Now

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Coaches understand that many top performers are committed and dedicated to their work but pay little attention to their careers. Coaching these employees around focusing on and developing their careers, then, not only benefits them but their organizations. These high performers are also often reluctant to self-promote, which can lead to a lack of recognition for all they accomplish and contribute. Organizations want their best people to rise through the ranks, but it isn’t always easy to identify them if they don’t know how to get noticed. This webcast will cover stories from High Potentials’ Boot Camp: The Ultimate Playbook for Winning at Work to demonstrate how, by leveraging a few simple career development strategies, coaches can encourage clients to make even more substantial contributions to their enterprises without feeling as if they are playing a political game or have no integrity. Attendees will learn how to: - Coach those who do great work and never mention it. - Guide those who allow others to minimize their contributions. - Encourage those who feel challenged by specific career-limiting behaviors and attitudes. - Lead those who need to focus on career development and promotion. - Mentor those who don’t understand that developing their careers is part of their job. - Help leaders recognize talent who may be “flying below the radar.”

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