Learning to Manage and Managing to Learn in the Knowledge Economy

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Managers see the symptoms of the problem everywhere: High turnover. Mistakes in hiring. Difficulty attracting and retaining talent. Disengaged workers. Not enough creativity and innovation. The result is reduced competitiveness, less profitability, and lower than expected growth every year. The cause is harder to see. This session will explore the root causes of these problems, and address the solutions that companies all over the world are using successfully. You will learn what these companies have discovered, what they are doing, and understand how you can take a similar approach to help your organization attract and retain talented employees, increase employee and customer loyalty, and create happier workplaces and workers. You'll also see how to measurably improve levels of performance and profitability; improve communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation; and successfully compete with smarter, more agile workforces.

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