Leveraging the Power of Coaching to Create Unforgettable Learning Programs

How do you design and deliver learning programs that gain outstanding results and have a massive impact? Leverage the power of coaching. In this webcast, Sherry Yellin will share practical ways she has integrated coaching into her learning programs not only to grow her business exponentially but also to create genuine transformation in individuals and organizations. We will explore the connection between coaching and learning, practical ways to integrate coaching, and lessons learned to ensure success. Having designed and delivered learning programs for nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur, Yellin believes that coaching is the secret to turning the so-so into the unforgettable. Learning Objectives: • Identify how integrating coaching supports the brain-based learning principles essential to creating an unforgettable learning experience. • Learn practical ways to leverage the power of coaching to create high-impact results. • Leave with ideas in-hand to apply immediately.

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