Mapping and Building the Future of Skills

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

People are our organizations’ greatest investments to combat competition and the status quo in today’s increasingly unsteady global markets. Yet our people, now more than ever, want skills that increase their employability and prepare them for the future of work because jobs are being overtaken by automation. The robots are coming! Whether you believe that or not, there’s a clear need to drive a new skilling strategy in our future-focused organizations. So, where does this leave learning and development? The learning industry is quickly becoming the face of this new future-skills economy. We must prepare ourselves to be secret weapons for competitive differentiation. L&D needs to spark innovation that will support employees as they grow future and in-demand skills and enable our organizations as key business partners. As learning experts, we will rise to these new challenges. Join us as we explore how technology is creating a new future-skills economy and the ways in which L&D can support learning for the future. In this session, you will learn how to:• Explore how learning technologies are creating future skills economies. • Visualize future roles, skills, and insights in your organization. • Investigate and test new ways of learning to upskill and reskill employees.

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