Mindsets The Key to Developing an Agile Workforce

Friday, February 1, 2019

An agile workforce is a workforce that can swiftly adapt to the changing needs of customers, employees, and the marketplace. All organizations want their workforce to be agile, but agility is not something organizations can incentivize or coerce; it must be unleashed and empowered. Most organizational leaders do not recognize that employees’ agility is driven by an oft-overlooked personal attribute called mindsets. During this webcast, Ryan Gottfredson will introduce participants to the concept of mindsets and their power to drive agility. By attending this webcast, you will: -Understand the foundational role mindsets play in developing an agile workforce. -Assess your own mindset. -Identify which mindsets your organization requires to enhance workforce agility. -Learn how you can improve the mindsets that drive workforce agility in your organization.

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