Opportunistic Compliance: Making Compliance Training Valuable for Everyone

Friday, August 23, 2019

Historically, the primary value of compliance training has been its ability to mitigate the legal and reputational costs of misconduct. When employees make the wrong decision, compliance training allows organizations to confidently claim, “We told them not to”—and that claim is often enough to reduce collective liability. This ability to mitigate risk is critical to any organization, but compliance training could be doing much more. This one-hour webinar will explore how instructional designers can play a unique role in expanding compliance training’s ability to reduce risk and solve problems instead of just mitigate the costs of those risks. Many practical tips will be shared before, during, and after implementation that can help us shift our compliance focus away from lawyers, policies, and mandates and toward our employees and their real opportunities for behavior change. With a renewed focus on learners and learning, we can create compliance training that does more than check a box; we can deliver measurable value at every level of the organization.

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