Physician Leadership Challenges

Thursday, December 12, 2019

For healthcare organizations, a physician’s ability to quickly connect in a meaningful manner affects patient compliance, interprofessional teamwork effectiveness, and overall organizational safety and quality. The key is to bridge that skill to a consumer-centric environment where the challenge is communicating with others who do not have the same academic and clinical language base and context.Learning and organization development (L&OD) professionals are sometimes challenged with how to connect and design for this learner population. There are professional cultural norms to consider as well as the ripple effects of lost patient time to complete education dependent upon the organizational structure. The question becomes, how does L&OD implement a valued educational experience for physicians and, more so, physician leaders? During this webcast, we will explore the physician experience and discuss the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in their everyday interactions. We’ll also look at the organizational context of safety and quality, and present successful and innovative techniques.After this webcast, you will be able to: • Demonstrate why communication is the primary skill physician leaders need to learn. • Connect the communication skill set IHI Quadruple Aim to clinical and operational “why.” • Speak to the different instructional techniques that foster an improved physician leader communication skill set. • Explain the concepts of plain language, cultural differences between disciplines, and interprofessional education.

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