Resiliency in the Face of a Pandemic: Embracing the Pain

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

When something goes wrong and we turn the other way or rationalize, it won’t matter in six months. We are giving in to the big temptation to just do nothing. However, we are learning that we can’t ignore the major changes that are happening in our world today, the pandemic leading the way. We no longer have a choice to avoid or walk away. It might have worked before and we were still successful, but now we must lead through this crisis and prepare for the next one. Our worlds will forever be changed. This is hard and requires a resilience. Confronting reality head on is our only real solution. During this webcast Angela Sebaly will share real-life stories of leaders she’s coached during this pandemic as well as strategies for maintaining resiliency in the time of crisis. She will be joined by Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Personify Leadership Michelle Cummings.

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