Training 2020: Strategies for Engaging Future Workforce Learners

Are you ready for the learners of the 2020 workforce? They're not the same as previous generations, and you shouldn't be either. Approaches to training, design, and delivery have to evolve. It's time that the three training Ts (tools, techniques, and thinking) get an upgrade. This session is only for those who want to get rid of the box, not just think outside of it. It's for those who want to take the new training and development challenges (they're really opportunities) that the universe is sending your way and turn them into learning aids. You can make the future of learning any way you want. The one thing we can't take into this future, though, is more of the same. This session will evaluate the next generation of learners' expectations around value-added training, and provide strategies and tools to bring more magic, movement, and momentum to the learning experience.

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