Troubleshooting for Trainers

Friday, November 13, 2020

When you need to repair an appliance on the fritz, you can consult the instruction manual. But if you’re stuck when designing or facilitating training, what resource can you turn to for solutions to your problem? Join Sophie Oberstein, the author of the new ATD Press book Troubleshooting for Trainers, for a webcast that will provide more than 40 tips to address 13 common training challenges, including: Requests for training about topics you know nothing about Individuals with varied levels of skill and interest in your training sessions Not enough sign-ups for your offerings Not being seen as a value-added organizational partner Sophie will present three case studies about three trainers to help participants brainstorm and discuss best practices, and she’ll provide time for questions about your specific concerns in a Q&A. This webcast will be geared toward new trainers, accidental trainers, and occasional trainers as well as experienced trainers who are looking for new tips to resolve their training challenges.

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