Up Is Not the Only Way Rethinking Career Mobility

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Today’s marketplace demands an agile workforce. Organizational structures have become fluid and flexible. As a result, career mobility has emerged as essential for individuals at all levels. No longer is mobility just about assuming the greater responsibilities that come with a promotion. Career mobility today is about flexibility and agility. It is a rich mix of experiences, roles, assignments, and options. Savvy careerists have come to appreciate the ability and willingness to explore multiple opportunities and experiences. To succeed in a rapidly changing environment, employees need to recognize when new opportunities for growth emerge and be ready with options when others fade or change. Like the navigation systems we rely on to reroute our travels based on unexpected traffic congestion, shortcut options and last-minute detours, a career mobility mindset will provide a foundation for resilience in a changing world of work. After participating in this webcast, learners will be able to: -Learn about the business case for career mobility -Understand how career mobility supports engagement and retention efforts -Gain insight on six distinct experiences that can keep your workforce mobility-ready -Expand thinking on the responsibilities of individuals, managers, and organizations

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