Voice Matters: From Simple Endurance to Lasting Impressions

Would you like more power, vocal variation, versatility, and longevity with your speaking voice? Would you like your audience to feel your honesty and authenticity? Would you like your greatest instrument and asset to be under your control? This session will provide tips, tricks, and exercises for everything from phone conferences and webinars to full-day trainings and seminars. As a professional actor, voice-over artist, and speaking voice expert, the speaker builds on established vocal techniques used by singers and theatre professionals. These techniques help you to support your voice, to sustain clarity and connection throughout your daily interactions and over your career. You will discover your prosodic choices; why the 'belly breath' is for relaxing, not speaking; how to use your voice to sustain connection in virtual sessions; and how to get back to your voice being easy, full, and expressive.

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