What the Modern Learner Wants and How You Can Give It to Them

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Study after study continues to show that what the modern learner wants is different than what’s been provided in the past. They want activities that are relevant, easy to access, quick to consume, and personalized to them, not only their role. The modern learner engages with learning at different times, including outside of work. And the modern learner is subject to challenges such as information overload and lack of time for learning. Knowing what the modern learner, your customer, wants is important. You can’t provide a valuable product, your solutions, without understanding your customer’s needs. This webcast will start with this customer-focused approach to help you get to know the needs of the modern learner. Then we’ll show you specifically how you can give them what they want. In this webcast, you’ll gain techniques you can use to: - Be learner focused: Identify individual needs and skill gaps. - Be forward looking: Support career planning and growth. - Drive engagement: Provide modern personalized learning, both informal and formal.

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