You Know Your IQ, But What’s Your CQ? Develop Change Intelligence to Lead Organizational Change

In the learning and development field, we have many assessments and methodologies to help people “deal with change” (build their resilience, cope with stress, and so forth) as well as “manage change” (such as various models and toolkits), but we have a dearth of actionable approaches to help people learn to “lead” change. That gap is filled by the CQ System for Developing Change Intelligence. Building change intelligence (CQ) empowers people to lead change with greater competence and confidence and less stress and frustration. The approach and tools can be used to coach and train leaders from the C-suite to the frontline, build collaborative and effective change teams, and foster agile and change-capable organizational cultures. Every change leader has a unique “change leader style.” Powerful change leaders engage the heart, enlighten the head, and equip the hands to move in positive new directions. By building CQ, we can overcome what looks like resistance but is really confusion over the goal (no “head”), lack of connection to the goal (no “heart”), or lack of tactics and training (no “hands”) to partner together to work toward the goal. You will walk away with strategies and tactics that go beyond information to insight; that are immediately accessible, applicable, and actionable on the job; and that can be used with the people you train, change agents you coach, teams you facilitate, and organizations you lead. Leaders who get CQ get results.

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