Success in Selling Executive Summary
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Sales has always been a dynamic profession. Today’s fluid business environment, however, is characterized by disruptive business practices, ever-changing customer needs and demands, the emergence of new market opportunities, dramatic technological advances, and a continuing reconfiguration of the sales force. Both sales organizations and sales professionals need to monitor the business landscape continuously in order to identify newly required competencies. To address these evolving trends and sales practices, ATD revised and updated the World-Class Sales Competency Model (WCSCM), originally created in 2008, and published Success in Selling: Developing a World-Class Sales Ecosystem, which details the new model’s research methodology, describes how recent trends and sales practices are reshaping the sales profession, and explains the architecture and content of the new model and how it can be used by sales organizations and professionals.

This executive summary discusses:

  • the value proposition for the new WCSCM
  • key trends shaping the sales profession
  • an overview of the new WCSCM
  • the benefits of the new WCSCM.
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