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ATD Partnerships

Chapters can save money by taking advantage of the ATD-established partnerships with Wild Apricot, InterCall, Corporate Sports, and Eventbrite. These partners offer a convenient way for chapters to save money on chapter websites and maintenance, event registration and audio conferencing, and ordering ATD chapter branded products.


ATD has a partnership with Willis Towers Watson to establish individual Directors and Officers (D&O) policies for interested chapters. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (often called D&O) is liability insurance offering protection to an organization (i.e., ATD chapter) against “wrongful acts,” or a breach of “duty,” of its directors, officers, employees, and volunteers.

To set up your chapter's policy and for specific questions, contact:

Randy Ebens, CISR, Client Services Specialist
Willis Towers Watson, Commercial Business Unit
3407 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. #200, Tampa, FL 33607
Toll free: 844 213 2067, ext. 9544,

Wild Apricot Chapter Partnership

Wild Apricot LogoATD is excited to have a partnership with Wild Apricot to provide membership, website, and event management services to ATD chapters at a discounted rate. This partnership decision was made based on feedback from chapter leaders requesting an easy-to-use, professional-looking, integrated management system for membership, website, and event registration services at an affordable price.

Discount Partnerships


InterCall provides ATD chapters with discounted audio, web, and video conferencing services. InterCall makes it easy to connect with those who are crucial to your chapter, whether it be for a chapter board meeting or chapter professional development event. The service is great for meeting with remote members by connecting on the phone and/or web!

InterCall's service is completely customized for each chapter so your chapter can sign up only for the services it needs. No annual contract is required. Chapters also may pass along the discounted program offering to their members as a member benefit. Visit InterCall's website at

For more information, please contact:
Mark A. Gagnon, Conferencing Manager
843-236-0550 direct

Corporate Sports
Corporate Sports Inc. provides customized ATD apparel and promotional items at a 10 percent discount to chapters. Chapters can order ATD chapter logo items including embroidered polos, travel mugs, portfolios, and more through Corporate Sports. Click here to visit the Corporate Sports website. For more information, contact Steve Voelkel at 410.923.2360, ext. 12 or

Eventbrite Online Event Registration Service


ATD and Eventbrite have a partnership that enables chapters to create their own customized event registration web pages and to promote and sell their events.

By taking advantage of this special partnership, your chapter can:

  • customize your event pages
  • gain access to event promotional tools
  • collect credit card payments directly through Paypal or Google Checkout

Eventbrite also has a free iPhone app for event organizers- read more. Download a one-page Eventbrite brochure.

To get started, and setup your Evenbrite account, please use this ATD referral link:

Job aids
How to Create an Account
How to create an event
How to upload members

Q. What are the benefits of Eventbrite?
A. By using Eventbrite, your chapter can:

  • create a customized event page, displaying event details and allowing attendees to register with ease
  • use a variety of promotional tools, including customized event URL, email invitations, and online integration with your chapter’s website
  • accept major credit cards online, receive registration funds directly, and track sales online

Q. What are the features of Eventbrite?
A. Eventbrite offers your chapter a variety of features including the ability to create name badges, produce printable and customizable reports, promote your event online, and more.

Q. Is my chapter required to use
A. No. Eventbrite is being made available as an option based on feedback from chapter leaders for a branded event registration solution. Your chapter can choose to use Eventbrite or any other event management program.

Q. How much does it cost to use
A. The chart below explains the fees for using Eventbrite:

(% of Ticket Price)

Minimum Fee
(per ticket)

Maximum Fee
(per ticket)





  • Fees are charged only when you make a sale.
  • There are no fees for free events.
  • At your option, fees can be paid by the attendee by including them in your ticket price.

Q. Is there a set-up fee and are there monthly fees?
A. There is no setup nor monthly fee.

Q. What programs can be used for processing payment?
A. Paypal or Google Checkout

Q. What are the ways the Eventbrite fees can be covered?
A. At your option, fees can be paid by the attendee in the ticket price or the chapter can pay the fees.

Q. How often will the chapter receive an invoice if the chapter chooses to pay the fees rather than including in the customer price?
A. Eventbrite will send an invoice at the beginning of each month for the fees collected in the previous month.

Q. If the attendee/ticket buyer pays for the fees; does the chapter still receive an invoice?
A. Yes, Eventbrite will send the chapter an invoice via email for the fees Eventbrite has collected on your behalf. If you do not sell any tickets, you will not get billed.

Q. How can I brand Eventbrite for my chapter?
A. You can upload your chapter logo when you customize your event registration page.

Q. Can my membership roster be uploaded to Eventbrite?
A. Yes, you can upload and save a contact list for an event invitation.

Q. Can the chapter contact get an email notification when someone registers for an event?
A. Yes, the chapter contact will receive an email message when someone registers for an event. Chapter contacts can also run a report of all the registered attendees for events. As an additional option, invitations can be sent with RSVPs to contacts from the chapter.

Q. Can more than one leader from the same chapter set up chapter events using Eventbrite?
A. Yes, you can set up one generic account for your chapter or have personal accounts set up. Once your chapter is set up, you can add additional users, as needed.

Q. What is the advantage for chapters to use the ATD-Eventbrite registration? Is there a discounted rate for chapters?
A. The ATD-Eventbrite site provides an event registration service with customizable pages and an ATD branded look. Although there is not a discounted rate for chapters, chapter leaders and staff researched event registration programs and recommended Eventbrite for its affordable rates and strong support.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have a question or need assistance?
A. If you have a question or need assistance, you can contact Eventbrite directly by completing the online form. If your issue is not resolved by Eventbrite, you can contact your Chapter Relations Manager.

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