Critical thinking skills are essential for modern business. Join us for this webcast to learn why and to discover methods for expanding the critical thinking skills of incoming employees.

The speaker will share an overview of the surprising ways that critical thinking plays a role in the success or failure of organizations, and will explain how the culture of learning, training architecture, and training itself can play a role in enhancing the critical thinking skills of your team.

The webcast will cover the following points:

  • Critical thinking is required to validate information and ideas based on verifiable evidence and sound logic. It involves a well-organized thought process that is focused on solving problems, analyzing, and researching.
  • Lack of critical thinking has led to the rise of recent phenomena like runaway fake news stories or hacking of government and corporate computers, and costs companies dearly in lawsuits, fines, penalties, and failed projects.
  • Critical thinkers are willing to challenge assumptions, stay open to new possibilities and approaches, and be aware of the limitations and scope of analysis while remaining reflective and transparent.