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Korea Summit 2017

Korea Summit
Speaker Bio & Session Description

Ta-kun Liu
Executive Vice President, Cathay Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
타군 리우, 케세이 생명보험 전무이사

Ta-Kun Liu is the executive vice president of Cathay Life Insurance, responsible for managing all aspects of marketing and business strategies of insurance agents, including the divisions of insurance distribution and agency channel management, marketing, e-commerce, and agency training and education. His 25 years of professional experience at Cathay Life Insurance has provided him with insight and expertise in actuarial management, product development, strategic planning, and multichannel marketing.

Ta-Kun is passionate about the altruistic nature of insurance. He is driven to be the best and finds fulfillment in work. He sees challenging tasks as paths to learning and growth, and looks to his teams to get inspired and energized by new learning opportunities in the workplace. He is strongly committed to leading an organization with open communication and getting feedback. He believes effective communication creates a positive environment where people can build trust and mutual respect and feel more engaged, and thus encourages more innovative thinking and achieves greater long-term success for the organization and society.

Cathay Life Insurance의 전무이사인 Ta-Kun Liu는 보험 판매 및 대행사 채널 관리, 전자 상거래, 대행사 교육 및 교육 부서를 포함한 보험 에이전트의 마케팅 및 비즈니스 전략의 모든 측면을 관리하고 있습니다. Cathay Life Insurance에서 근무한 25 년의 경력을 바탕으로, 그는 보험 통계 관리, 제품 개발, 전략 획 및 다중 채널 마케팅 등 여러 분야에서 통찰력과 전문성을 인정받고 있습니다.

Session: When Old Thinking Meets New: Motivation vs Innovation

ATD BEST 어워드 케이스: 신구세대간 동기부여 및 창조성

In this era of digital disruption and information explosion, everything changes in a drastic path. However, the only thing remains persistent is the essential idea of “talent-driven” strategy.

Cathay Life Insurance is the earliest and the first publicly-listed insurance company in Taiwan, hiring up to 5,000 new agents every year. Meanwhile, the organization is facing one of its most critical business issues: an impending retirement boom and filling the gap with new agents. Accordingly, Cathay Life has launched a holistic talent development strategy – Built to LAST, which is formed by a series of programs, including Leader+, Agency+, Service+ and Tech+. Furthermore, to ensure the outcomes and keep up with this fast-moving environment, the organization utilizes the digital learning concepts of "Social'', "Mobilization", "Analytics", "Cloud'' and "Gamification" to develop innovative talent development models and enhance learning effectiveness/efficiency.

The diversified and innovative learning methods enable learning anytime and anywhere, breaking through limitations in work and learning, accelerating the spread and transfer of organizational knowledge, motivating the employees to learn with enthusiasm, and thus build an organic learning organization which attracts and equips young talents.

Cathay Life Insurance won the 2016 ATD BEST Awards. Please visit here to understand more about the award winning case.

우리는 수많은 정보가 넘쳐나는 디지털 시대에 살고 있으며, 모든 것이 급격하게 변화하고 있습니다. 하지만, 변화하지 않는 중요한 한가지는 바로 “인재주도형” 기업전략입니다. 타이완에서 최초로 상장된 보험회사로서, 해마다5,000명 이상의 에이전트를 채용하는 케세이생명보험은 한가지 중요한 비즈니스 이슈에 직면하게 되었습니다. 그것은 바로 많은 퇴직자들과 신입 에이전트간의 격차 (gap)을 줄이는 것이었습니다. 이에 따라, 케세이생명보험은 “Build to LAST (Leader+, Agency+, Service+ and Tech+)”라는 인재개발전략의 수립 및 소셜, 모바일, 그리고 Gamification등 창의적인 방법을 통하여 효율적으로 그 격차를 줄이고 지식의 전달을 극대화하여, 궁극적으로는 전반적 비즈니스 성과를 향상시키는 결과를 도출하였습니다. 더 자세한 내용은 이곳에서 보실 수 있습니다.

케세이생명보험은 1962년에 설립된 타이완에서 가장 큰 생명보험사이며, 2016년 ATD BEST Award에서 4위를 수상하였습니다.

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