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ATD Apps

  • ATD Publications app icon logo
    ATD Publications App

    Experience ATD magazines in a new way! In addition to finding a condensed version of each issue of TD, you will find full issues of The Public Manager and CTDO magazines.

  • ATD Events app logo icon
    ATD Events

    Easily access event sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and organizer messages for ATD conferences with the ATD Events app. Download the native app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android to personalize your schedule, take notes, share contacts, and more.

  • ATD career moves app icon logo
    Career Moves

    Ready to take the next steps in your career, but not sure where to start? Open doors to new possibilities with help from the Career Moves App. Using excerpts from the book and exclusive material from authors Caitlin Williams and Annabelle Reitman as a guide, this app is perfect for anyone who's looking for the right resource to aid their professional development.