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Ask a Trainer: Check Out the New Ask a Trainer Video Series on YouTube!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

This week, we wanted to take a quick break from our normal Q&A to share an exciting expansion of the Ask a Trainer series.

Back in October 2019, we started the Ask a Trainer advice column as a way to answer your questions about everything related to training, instructional design, e-learning, and anything else under the larger umbrella of learning and development. In those few months, we’ve published more than 30 articles, hosted thousands of visitors, and received dozens of comments. We even expanded the advice column to include guest columnists like Connie Malamed, Rance Greene, and others. We couldn’t be prouder to see how well this has taken off.

During the last few weeks, the folks at ATD and I have been brainstorming how we can continue to grow the Ask a Trainer series and answer even more of your questions. Without hesitation, it became clear that video was the best way to do this. We’re so excited to announce that we’re launching a new Ask a Trainer video series on YouTube!

How Will It Work?

Each month on LinkedIn and Twitter we’ll solicit your questions surrounding a common topic. We’ll then publish a new episode on YouTube where I’ll answer the top three to five questions in a rapid-fire format. Exciting, right?!

How Can You Submit a Question?

Submitting a question will be easy. Once we announce the topic for a future video, you’ll be able to submit your question by posting on LinkedIn or Twitter with the #ATDAskATrainer hashtag. And that’s it!


What’s different about this video series is that we’ll be looking for shorter, two- to three-sentence questions. However, we’ll still answer your long-form questions here in the advice column. Also, unlike the advice column, we’ll be sharing and tagging who submitted each question featured in that month’s episode. We hope this will help those folks continue the conversation on social media.

What’s Next?

We’re currently working on the official first episode of the new Ask a Trainer video series, which should go live within the next week or so. For June, we’ll feature questions about everything virtual facilitation.

In the meantime, I encourage you to follow the #ATDAskATrainer hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter to see what questions have been submitted and to keep an eye out for when we solicit questions for our next episode.



Do you have a question you’d like to submit for a future Ask a Trainer video? Submit them by posting on LinkedIn or Twitter with the #ATDAskATrainer hashtag!

Do you have a learning question you’d like me to tackle? You can email them to [email protected] Also, visit the Ask a Trainer hub to check out all of your questions and my answers.

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About the Author

Tim Slade is a speaker, author, award-winning
e-learning designer, and author of The eLearning
Designer’s Handbook.

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