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Writing Content for Employee Engagement

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Employee engagement is critical to retaining top talent and ensuring an organization’s success. As the Great Resignation carries on and employees desire more from their employers, it is more important than ever that leaders emphasize employee engagement. In this blog post, we’ll explore what employee engagement is; why it is necessary in the workplace; how business owners, leaders, managers, and supervisors can boost employee engagement; and how content can improve employee engagement in the workplace. Read on to dive into how creating a learning journey improves employee performance.

What Is Employee Engagement?

Several definitions of employee engagement exist, but the common one is this: “An engaged employee is a team member who is fully engaged or absorbed and is enthusiastic about what they are doing at the workplace.” Employee engagement is the level of enthusiasm a team member feels toward the job. A fully engaged team member will take positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interest. Engaged team members:

  • Know their position as well as how important it is to the organization and want to perform their best.
  • Express loyalty toward the company.
  • Produce an excellent product or provide a great service for the sake of the company (not only for the paycheck).

Ways You Can Boost Employee Engagement

Leaders can take several steps to boost employee engagement, such as allowing employees to have a flexible schedule and work from anywhere. This flexibility boosts employee morale as well as helps engage employees from all over the world.

Communication is essential to building a strong relationship and achieving higher employee productivity, especially among teams that work remotely or are always in the field. It is important to develop clear lines of communication and promote transparency throughout the company.


Communication builds trust; improves relationships between team members, supervisors, and management; helps employees align with the organization’s goals and mission; and increases pride throughout the organization.

Employee engagement can be fostered through effective communications. Best practices of effective communication include providing regular feedback, ensuring the team’s ideas are heard and respected, and making and discussing career advancement opportunities.

To improve employee engagement, you can:

  • Live the organization’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Focus on onboarding.
  • Train and encourage employees to succeed in their role and beyond.
  • Recognize and reward your employees.
  • Communicate feedback right away.
  • Promote healthy work habits.
  • Promote team activities.
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys.

Writing Content Can Boost Employee Engagement

It may not seem that writing documents, creating user guides, making technical manuals, or even leading a team of writers can help boost morale, but there are many ways to involve the team in a company’s strategy. One such way would be to include all members in the content creation process, which will increase brand awareness by humanizing the product or service. Involving the team in content creation is a wonderful way to connect to the audience, and MadCap Flare is the perfect tool to use when collaborating and disseminating personalized learnings to your team across platforms.

When you promote the work from the team, people have more trust in employees and technical experts. Reach the market with voices that the customers will trust. This allows the team to showcase their pride and expertise. Consider these tactics to create employee engagement:

  • Send an employee survey.
  • Explain how the program will work best for the team.
  • Provide personalized content to the right team members.
  • Ensure the team has access to the content and that they will share the content on social media.
  • Hold a contest.
  • Create employee-focused newsletters.

Employee engagement is vital to everyone on the team. Anyone who does not feel engaged will not put in their best effort to contribute to the success of the team or the company. This will not only hurt the goal and mission of the organization but may also put a damper on an employee’s career.

About the Author

Dr. David Marshall is a technical writer and a training developer since 2007. He is also the owner of Neithdos Consulting Services LLC. Dr. Marshall received his DM in Executive Leadership from Colorado Technical University in 2021. Currently, Dr. Marshall lives in Summerville, South Carolina, and is planning on following up his dissertation on changes executives need to implement to promote women to executive positions with additional articles to business journals.

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