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Training Triage

Performance-Based Solutions Amid Chaos, Confusion, and Change
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This book offers you emergency remedies for the real training challenges and situations training professionals face every day on the front lines of most organizations. As the author notes in Chapter 1, this book is designed for trainers with some battle scars who get calls asking for the impossible to be delivered the next day, without budget or staff to accomplish the feat. This fast-paced, entertaining book presents real-life situations in dialogue format to allow you to listen in on conversations between an executive or client requesting training; or some other performance intervention and the training professional interpreting and acting on the request. Not only does this book offer advice on finding the right solution, it offers step-by-step guidance as it walks the reader through the building and implementing of an effective solution. Use this book to build your skills as a trainer or performance improvement specialist, or to implement and adapt the detailed interventions to solve your most pressing training and performance need. The book includes accompanying electronic material, available via download from ASTD, with handouts, assessments, and tools to help you triage your next training emergency.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781562864095
Pages: 168
Publisher: ASTD Press
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback
Product Code: 110511
About the Author
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Affiliate Training Director, Indiana Creative Problem Solving Association
At last! I have been waiting for a book for the experienced trainer and here it is! Russell's easygoing writing style and real-world examples make this a quick read with easy application to a wide variety of all too common situations. The way Russell walks us through her process makes it very easy to adopt or adapt the process for any organization! Thanks for a great tool!
VP, Organization Development, Medco Health Solutions
Terrific! Each chapter is a step-by-step how-to manual on designing a unique training solution. Filled with tools, techniques, and assessments on every page, this book is a must have for the training professional.
CEO, Herrmann International
Are you out of ideas? Overwhelmed by the latest request to fix associates? READ THIS BOOK! Once again, Lou Russell has captured her wealth of experience in an easy-to-use, easy-to-read reference guide. This is a book you will refer to again and again. It is full of practical ideas, clear processes, and other materials you can immediately apply!
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