Lou Russell

Lou Russell is a Managing Practice Director of Learning Services at Moser Consulting in Indianapolis. As an executive consultant, speaker and author, Lou's passion is to grow companies by growing their people. She is the author of The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook , Project Management for TrainersTraining TriageIT Leadership AlchemyLeadership Training , 10 Steps to Successful Project Management and Managing Projects.  Her newest book is Talent GPS: A Manager's Guide to Navigating the Employee Development Journey. Her most recent white paper from TD@work is Leading Technical Talent.  Through speaking, training and writing, Lou draws on 30 years of helping organizations achieve their full potential. She inspires improvement in leadership, project management and individual growth. Lou’s upbeat style and humorous stories will give you the passion and tools to improve your bottom line. You will be moving, laughing, participating,  inspired and challenged. Most importantly to Lou, you will learn.