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Speak for a Living, 2nd Edition

Sardek Love, co-author of Speak for a Living, 2nd Edition, briefly discusses the updates made from the first edition.

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TalentNext 2018 Keynote: Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley (Emily Chang)

In November 2015, a prominent Silicon Valley investor told Emily Chang that his firm was looking to hire more women, but that they were not prepared to "lower their standards." That remark was the...

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TalentNext 2018 Keynote: Women, Workplace Relationships, and a Brave New Future (Wendy Walsh)

Silence breaker Wendy Walsh, a Time Magazine Person of the Year, relationship expert, and psychology professor, brings her insightful story and draws from it lessons on how to create safe, humanistic...

Bad Manager: The Nitpicker

Do you have a manager who likes to nitpick at everything you do just because? One who likes to use cliches and quotes Steve Jobs? This can be avoided.

Take It From the Top: Kimberly Currier

This video profile from ATD's Take It From the Top series features CTDO Next member Kimberly Currier, Senior Vice President, People Strategy at North Highland. Kimberly explains how the power of...

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