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Access comprehensive coverage on all 23 capabilities from the Talent Development Capability Model. Developed with more than 60 subject matter expert contributors, this e-publication will provide you a definitive, ongoing, centralized source and reference guide for TD best practices.

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Toolbox Tip: How to Select a Subject in Photoshop

Using stock photos is a common way to add imagery to your content creations, and you may be looking for ways to edit and customize these images for your learning solutions. In this toolbox tip, find...

Business Learning Advisor: a New Role for Learning and Talent Leaders

Because of the changes happening in the work environment and the myriad opportunities evolving from technology disruptions, talent professionals are discussing the new roles needed to engage with the...

Agile for Instructional Designers

On time. Within budget. What they need (even if that changes!). These are moving targets, yet you're expected to deliver all three. The software development industry is embracing Agile project...

Answers to Your Questions About xAPI

In this video, Tim Slade and Megan Torrance answer questions about xAPI.Questions answered in this video:-“How would you explain xAPI to a five-year-old?” (3:32)-“What are some examples of how xAPI...

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Onboarding the Next Generation of Talent

The multigenerational workplace is a labyrinth of communication and working styles---confounding for everyone, especially new, young talent. Ease those pains by learning how to best prepare them for...

Toolbox Tip: Adjust Menu Settings in Articulate Storyline

Do you need to remove menu items from your participants' view in your e-learning courses? Customize the menu appearance in your Articulate Storyline courses with a few easy clicks! You can remove...

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