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Creating an Employee Experience: Aubrey Wiete

Aubrey Wiete, a Talent Management Consultant for Cincinnati's Children's Hospital, describes the need to create employee experiences as a significant trend in talent management. According to Wiete,...

5 Brain-Based Approaches to Increase Retention

The moment they complete a course, each learner faces a crucial point of divergence. They will follow one of two tracks–learning or forgetting. The success or failure of your learning design depends...

Take It From the Top: Brian Miller

This video profile from ATD's Take It From the Top series features CTDO Next member Brian Miller, vice president of talent, development, and inclusion at Gilead Sciences. Miller describes one of his...

Driving It Home: Real Change Is Not an Event, It's a Process

Now is the time. Your organization is in change. Getting your team members focused on the right things is critical. Implementing a blended solution that leverages the best of the human side of change...

The Invisible Trainer

Jonathan Halls describes how trainers can stop telling their stories and trying to be good presenters and instead become “invisible” trainers who focus on helping learners learn.

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