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ATD21 it starts with us. Salt Lake City. Aug 29–Sept 1
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Join the L&D community at ATD21 to get an abundance of content and build connections both in-person and virtually and find key takeaways to apply back in the workplace.

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Answers to Your Questions About xAPI

In this video, Tim Slade and Megan Torrance answer questions about xAPI.Questions answered in this video:-“How would you explain xAPI to a five-year-old?” (3:32)-“What are some examples of how xAPI...

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Onboarding the Next Generation of Talent

The multigenerational workplace is a labyrinth of communication and working styles---confounding for everyone, especially new, young talent. Ease those pains by learning how to best prepare them for...

Toolbox Tip: Adjust Menu Settings in Articulate Storyline

Do you need to remove menu items from your participants' view in your e-learning courses? Customize the menu appearance in your Articulate Storyline courses with a few easy clicks! You can remove...

How to Have Managers Involved in Training Programs

Doug Bushée, senior director for sales enablement at Gartner, discusses how to have managers involved in training programs. From initial ideas to execution and sustainability, Doug's insights are...

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Design Impactful Video Assessment and Coaching Experiences

As an industry, we are challenged to push learning and performance support out of the classroom and deeper into the workflow. But what does that really look like? How can we give employees the...

ATD TechKnowledge 2020 Top Session: Create Effective Microlearning in Record Time with PowerPoint (Storytelling with Morph)

Richard Goring takes a deep dive from his ATD TK2020 Top Session on microlearning to show how the morph transition in PowerPoint can be useful in various storytelling techniques. Instructional...

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