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“Listen more and prioritize being present to be in service to others.”


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We are fortunate to work with some of the leading facilitators in the worldwide talent development community. Our facilitators bring a wealth of experience and insight to their classrooms. We’re spotlighting their stories here.

Meet Amy P Kelly!

What is your favorite motivational quote?

"Rejoice Always!”

How many years have you been a facilitator? Did you find the career path, or did it find you?

I think the first time I stepped into my facilitator role was as the oldest of three girls in my family. Big sisters get the opportunity to support the learning of their siblings – both the good learning and the mischievous. In my career, I started training and facilitating about 25 years ago. The path found me. I enjoyed being a resource to aid in the success of my colleagues and the organizations, and once I was offered a formal training role it was a fit for the purpose in life.

What is something you wish you knew before becoming a facilitator?

I wish I knew not to be afraid of not having the answers. I used to think I was not a good facilitator if I couldn’t answer every question. That was a wasted fear and was a barrier to the process of learning discovery with the first groups I facilitated. Preparation is a necessity but knowing all the answers is ridiculous. The root of the word facilitate means “to make easy” and turning my focus to ease the path for others in the growth journey helped develop more of a growth mindset. It enhanced my own effectiveness and joy in the process while enabling me to more fully be the partner in learning and development I intend.


What is your go-to facilitation tool?

My newest resource is a book by four facilitators from ATD. I love “Facilitation in Action” by Carrie Addington, Jared Douglas, Nikki O’Keefe, and Darryl Wyles. It combined their different styles, experiences, and tips to bring the best authentic facilitation out of anyone’s unique facilitation gifts. I am an explorer, so I am always testing new apps, games, and methodologies for facilitation.

How has hybrid learning changed how you facilitate?

I believe facilitators are business and learning artists. We get to use all the resources available to create the best environments for people to learn and grow. I love hybrid learning and how it supports variety, accessibility, and learning strategy toward the best outcomes.

What is your best piece of advice for anyone looking to become a facilitator?

Prepared and be yourself.


What is your favorite part about being a facilitator?

Seeing people expand their belief in themselves and what is possible through their gifts and talents.

What is your favorite way to unwind after work?

I like to sit by the river and think.

How have your facilitation skills/training aided you in other aspects of your personal or professional life?

I listen more and prioritize being present to be in service to others. Facilitation made me a better wife, mother, sister, friend, and community member. It helps you expand your vision for what is possible and partner with others to do the same in pursuit of their dreams.

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