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“I love knowing that my work as a facilitator helps others do their work better.”


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We are fortunate to work with some of the leading facilitators in the worldwide talent development community. Our facilitators bring a wealth of experience and insight to their classrooms. We’re spotlighting their stories here.

Meet Cindy Huggett!

What is your favorite motivational quote?

“Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn,” which is attributed to Xun Kuang, an ancient Chinese Confucian philosopher. It’s such a good reminder that my role is to facilitate amazing learning experiences that lead to lasting business results.

How many years have you been a facilitator? Did you find the career path, or did it find you?

I’ve been a trainer or facilitator for as long as I can remember! My mother tells me that every day after kindergarten, I would teach my toy dolls everything I learned.

My first professional job as a facilitator was more than 30 years ago, after I finished graduate school. I taught technology skills when personal computers were first coming into the workplace. This technological background, combined with my experience in talent development leadership roles, served me well when I needed to shift to virtual training in the early 2000s. Since then, I’ve worked with global organizations on their virtual learning strategies and helped thousands of facilitators learn how to create engaging online learning.


How has hybrid learning changed how you facilitate?

My newest book, The Facilitator’s Guide to Immersive, Blended, and Hybrid Learning, has an entire chapter devoted to facilitating hybrid classes. It’s the buzzword du jour but also something I’ve been doing for many years. It requires both technological resources and facilitation skills to do it well.

What is your favorite part about being a facilitator?

I love knowing that my work as a facilitator helps others do their work better. My participants get to learn and practice new skills that they can immediately apply.


What is your favorite hobby outside of work?

I especially enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling to explore new destinations, and taking afternoon tea. And my nine-year-old hockey-loving son keeps me busy.

How have your facilitation skills aided you in other aspects of your personal or professional life?

In addition to my full-time consulting practice, I teach yoga at my local YMCA. Although yoga and virtual training are vastly different, the art of facilitating classes remains the same. Working with others, building relationships, and helping people improve are all at the heart of facilitation.

To find out more about Cindy, visit her website:

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Yes, an important perspective! Taking advantage of emerging technologies keeps one fresh and growing in this field. Consider the 1990s with CDs, VHS, CBTs and intro of PCs into the training world. Then the intro of DVDs and LMS. Then options of live and recorded webinars and podcasts on smart phones to supplement or combine with classroom training. Zoom and Microsoft Teams? Now Metaverse headsets? Looking forward to the horizon!
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